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How to Spot the Best trucking Company to Work For: 5 Tips

February 15, 2023
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best trucking company to work for

How to Spot the Best trucking Company to Work For: 5 Tips

A best Trucking company to work for should offered an opportunity to make great money and pursue a worthwhile career path. The trucking industry is full of great opportunities, but it is also a home to many deceptions and notorious trucking companies with unpleasant jobs.

 Choosing the right trucking company in which to invest one’s time and energy can be challenging for anyone considering taking up truck driving as a career. Fortunately, when due diligence is taken by researching trucking company reviews, researching job expectations, and talking to current truck drivers from such companies, a truck driver can find the best trucking company for their needs and start cashing in on the benefits that truck driving has to offer!

With trucking companies popping up all over, it can be overwhelming to try and find an honest and reliable one to work for. All trucking companies have their own individual nuances that must be taken into consideration when making your choice. Before signing on with a trucking company, be sure to research pay rates, mileage offered, benefits packages, safety requirements, truck maintenance policies and other employment regulations. 

These are all important factors that can help make or break a trucking career. Additionally, asking other truckers their firsthand experiences with the company is always beneficial in making the right decision. Taking the time to research and shape your ideal trucking career early on will set you up for long-term success in the industry down the road.

Finding the trucking company that’s right for you requires careful consideration. From great compensation, to the amount of benefits available, and whether or not you’ll actually find job satisfaction; making sure all possible factors have been taken into account is key for getting the trucking gig of your dreams. 

To make things easier, we’ve made a list of the top five most important things to keep in mind when searching for a trucking company. With this list, you’ll be able to search quickly and land the perfect trucking gig with ease!

Five most important things to look out for a trucking company

1. Google reviews for trucking companies

You can learn a little bit of the “inside scoop” on a trucking company by checking the ratings it has received on Google. Viewing previous experiences of truck rides with this company might be incredibly helpful because people are giving both positive and bad comments to inform others. Businesses frequently have a tendency to exaggerate their advantages and sell you on something they don’t actually have. 

For this reason, it’s crucial to hear what other truck drivers who work for or have worked for that company have to say.

Things you should research are:

  • Are there positive evaluations of the business?
  • How long have the drivers been employed by that business? A high turnover rate is a red flag for a business, and you should look for another one.
  • What other advantages does the business provide? 
  • Are there any criticisms of the compensation?

To get you started, we included a few samples here. But don’t end your efforts here. Look through reviews for answers to any questions you may have.

2. Availability of a trucking company

Have a list of specific questions ready to ask the recruiter you speak with the following time. Be as specific as you can! When recruiters can provide you with the most detailed responses to all of your inquiries, that is an indication of a reputable trucking company. This shows that the recruiter is skilled and motivated to earn your business.

Ask recruiters inquiries like:

  • What is their stance on home time?
  • What main lanes are available? Do they have a certain area they want you to travel daily?
  • What equipment are they going to give you?
  • What kind of payment are they making? (Contrast the response with any available Google reviews.)
  • Are there bonuses offered? (No one has ever refused a bonus.)

To decide if that company is a good choice for you, make an effort to ask as many questions as you can.

3. Years of experience in the field

This is the ideal technique to determine how much experience a business has in this field. Visit the About page on the business website. Additionally, look up the business on Google to learn more about them. Figure out:

  • When was the business established?
  • What are the key values of the company?
  • How many people work there?
  • Are they continually looking for new hires? (Depending on the business, this might be both a positive and a terrible indicator)
  • the annual income of the company?

Finding a seasoned trucking firm may indicate that the business values its drivers, pays them well, and provides great perks!

4. Social media pages are active

A lot of information can be found on a company’s social media profiles. Trucking company that frequently posts messages wishing you a happy holiday, asking you questions, selecting drivers of the month, displaying entertaining content, displaying company goals, displaying company events, and so on. You should also read the comments on those posts. 

Are the truck drivers responding to the posts? Does a company respond to people who leave comments on social media posts? This can demonstrate the company’s relationship with its followers and truck drivers.

5. Relationship with drivers that is respectful

A great company values its employees and thrives in the industry alongside them.

  • They address you as a friend.
  • Assist you when necessary
  • Encourage driver, dispatcher, and management collaboration.
  • Invest in their workforce

A great trucking company understands that its employees are the key to its success. More crucial than anything else is the relationship that they develop. When employees are treated with respect, they will ensure that the business is always moving forward.

What other criteria do you use to choose a job employer? Do you have any information you wish you had before beginning? Inform Four Sons Logistics today!

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