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3 Important Tips for Air Freight Shipping

February 1, 2023
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3 Important Tips for Air Freight Shipping

Shipping internationally is a completely different experience than shipping domestically. You would need to use intermodal drayage in addition to air shipping, which isn’t the only mode of transportation involved. Shipping air freight may sound challenging, and it very well might be given the added expenses and paperwork that accumulates. These 3 pointers can help you get started if you’re new to air shipping!

3 Important Tips for Important Air Freight Shipping

1. Use caution while packaging

It is crucial to spend time and money making sure that your freight is packaged appropriately because it will be traveling on a protracted, difficult journey across international borders. Keep in mind that it will be handled numerous times by numerous hands during the transloading and cross docking phases. This means that, in addition to using solid cardboard boxes, padding liberally, using plastic wrap, and employing pallets are other smart ways to offer your goods the extra cushioning it needs.

2. Verify measurements twice

Don’t fiddle with your load measures, especially if you’re flying! Before your freight is prepared for shipping, go ahead and double-check the measurements. Exact measurements are necessary when flying in order to determine the amount of gasoline used, so it’s crucial to do this in order to prevent additional penalties. Your freight may be delayed until a carrier verification is finished if the cargo information stated differs from what is weighed at customs.

3. Finish the paperwork

There are several special documents to keep in mind while sending air freight, which may be different from what you’re used to compared to domestic shipment. To learn how to fill out the commercial invoice, which involves summing up the whole actual market value of your goods and their HTS code, do some research and ask your 3PL questions.

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The choice between air freight and ocean freight is a significant one that is particular to each organization and takes into account a number of factors. Review your overall business objectives and think about how shipping logistics might help these before choosing an acceptable shipment option.

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