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Container Sales

In FS logistics, we give you the best deals for all types of containers

Let's talk about Cargo Container Trading

We have a dedicated team responsible for container sales. They are highly trained in this industry and our promise is to give you the best deals there are in the market while providing excellent customer service. Finding caro containers can be difficult to many, but with our help, we will ensure you get what you need.

One Tripper

Save money by purchasing One-Trip (Single Use) containers. FS Logistics offers the best deals when it comes to One Trip containers. There are many reasons why our customers prefer One Trip containers, such as:

• Comes in good condition almost like brand new
• Has a long lifespan
• Could be used to transport goods, storage space, bunkers, etc.

Talk to our team now to find out our One-Tripper deals!

one trip shipping containers

Cargo Worthy (CW)

Our team offers Cargo Worthy (CW) containers. CW containers are approved by the Container Safety Convention (CSC) and deems it as suitable for cargo transportation. The prices of CW containers vary from many things, such as miles traveled, age, and condition. Ensure that you are getting the right CW container for you by talking to our specialists and discuss what deals we have for you.

Wind and Watertight

Benefit from Wind and Watertight shipping containers when you would like to purchase containers that are generally used but are still usable and resistant to certain external conditions, such as from wind and water. FS Logistics offers the best Wind and Watertight deal for you ensuring that you get these type of containers at an affordable price. The sizes we generally offer are:

• 20 ft
• 40 ft
• 45 ft
• 53 ft

Contact our specialists and ensure you are getting the right container for you!

wind and watertight shipping containers for sale

As Is Containers

As-Is containers are overstayed containers in the yard, often with dents. They can easily be repaired (depending if they are heavy damaged or low damage). This is can be a viable option for you because they are lot cheaper compared to CW containers. Most of them are Wind and Watertight containers. The sizes we generally offer are:
• 20 ft
• 40 ft
• 45 ft

Scrap Containers

FS Logistics also offer Scrap containers for our scrap buyers. These type of containers are not considered containers for transportation and they are usually super heavy damaged containers.

Contact our team if you are interested in purchasing scrap units!

Container unit locations

Four Sons Logistics currently sells container units on the following locations:

    • North America (USA, Canada)
    • Europe
    • Australia
    • Asia

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