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How to Reduce Cargo Damage?

March 27, 2023
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How to Reduce Cargo Damage?

Shipping is an essential component of any supply chain but is also the most vulnerable to damage.

An online retail survey found that 80% of consumers would return a product if it arrived damaged or broken. Because businesses are typically responsible for shipping costs, returns can significantly reduce profits.

In many cases, once the Cargo is loaded, you have no control over what happens next. Sudden movements, bumps, or twists and turns can all cause severe shipment damage if proper precautions are not taken.

Nonetheless, with some planning and foresight, it can reduce cargo damage during shipping.

Six tips for reducing cargo damage

Select your shipping method carefully.

Some items are so fragile that they must avoid specific shipping methods. For example, a truck with air suspension or temperature control will travel more smoothly than others. If you’re shipping valuable items, investing in a slower or more expensive shipping method might be worth it. This option will result in less jostling and unexpected movements.

Use the appropriate packing materials.

Space within boxes allows goods to move around and collide with other items in the worst-case scenario. Even if you don’t store a shipment in a box or crate, extra padding can protect it from damage in jostling, tipping, or sudden movement.

Seal your containers tightly.

Proper sealing is essential when shipping goods sensitive to light or humidity changes. The appropriate materials keep moisture out while also protecting against light damage.

Pallet sealing can be as simple and inexpensive as high-quality wrapping and duct tape. Seals protect your shipped goods from weather, chemicals, and odors. 

Choose the most suitable pallets and containers.

The warehouse is where proper shipping procedures begin. You can determine whether a container is suitable for your shipment. Please ensure that you get the correct size and that it is not damaged.

Wooden pallets are the most common, but plastic, paper, wood composite, and metal pallets are also available. Misshapen, warped, or structurally deficient pallets can jeopardize your shipment. Regular warehouse material inspection can assist you in keeping everything in circulation up to standard.

The footprint of the item or items you’re shipping should be larger than the footprint of your pallet. An appropriately sized pallet will not guarantee a loss, but it will absorb some of the force of a collision. If your goods hang over the edges, they are vulnerable to damage from tipping or colliding with another object.

Standard pallet sizing will reduce the amount of space between items. Less space prevents things from moving and colliding.

Set up your pallets properly.

When loading multiple boxes onto a single pallet, you must know how to stage them properly to avoid cargo damage.

Make your labeling as straightforward as possible.

Your packaging’s top surface should be as flat as possible. Don’t stack boxes in a pyramid shape; don’t stack loose packages on top of a pallet.

Giving your goods a solid foundation reduces the possibility of damage to light and fragile items. The packaging’s bottom weight will also keep your pallet from sliding. Place the things that are the heaviest and least delicate at the bottom.

Pallets should not be double-stacked. This rule is essential when stacking the lightest items on top.

Make a note on the item’s packaging and the bill of lading if it is fragile or requires special handling (BoL). This way, everyone involved in the shipping process knows that your items require special attention. Print your labels on heavyweight paper. You should also specify how much weight each item can withstand before breaking. This practice reduces the amount of handling your item receives when loaded, lowering the possibility of damage.

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